HYLIXA embodies elegant innovations to deliver music without the compromises of traditional box-like speakers.

Liberated from conventional manufacturing, HYLIXA’s internals are radically different from anything else, delivering music unlike anything else.

Feel the Artist in the Room.


By replicating the sonic signature of a human head, voices sound startlingly convincing; full of intent and emotion, as if the artist was in the room with you.

  • Much like the human mouth, a single ‘Balanced Mode Radiator’ (BMR) delivers the full vocal spectrum, removing the need for a crossover in the crucial vocal region.

  • Its wide bandwidth is made possible by balancing a pistonic movement at lower frequencies, with bending wave behaviour at higher frequencies.

  • For the first time, this innovative technology is allowed to breathe at the nose of an acoustically streamlined cabinet, which exhibits exceptionally low diffraction, lifting the veil of colouration generated by box-like cabinets.

Lose Yourself in a Vast Soundstage.

Lose yourself in a vast soundstage

Hylixa’s truely high dispersion drivers can deliver uniform sound power at close to 180 degrees, meaning they can paint a holographic, immersive sound stage.

  • By eliminating the traditional speaker box, even sound that flows to the edge of the soundstage remains true, allowing you to clearly place instruments, voices, and ambient effects.

  • The ideal listening spot is also increased, allowing more people in the room to enjoy the performance.

Discover Revolutionary Bass.


HYLIXA’s ‘Helical Transmission Line’ (HTL) effortlessly deploys remarkable bass extension and control from a compact cabinet, ensuring music is delivered with all the presence and authority of the live performance.

  • A patent pending internal helix is driven by a rearward firing woofer, creating a free-flowing ‘transmission line’. The rotational pressure increases the effective line length to an astonishing 1.6 metres, extending bass performance.

  • Uniquely, the orbital path of the transmission line allows it to be fed from two optimised points, controlling the first standing wave. The constantly changing line section further suppresses the build-up of smaller standing waves associated with box-like cabinets.

    The result is bass that is, quite literally, revolutionary.

Enjoy Texture and Timbre.

Enjoy Texture and Timbre.

Instruments generate particular waveforms, which can even exist at the frequency extremes as subtle, but important harmonics. By delivering wide bandwidth from a single point, HYLIXA preserves the subtle harmonics in the crucial time-domain, so you hear texture and timbre that make instruments sound so real.

  • Hylixa’s stacked 3-way design can produce these frequency extremes from a single point in space. This allied to a cabinet that leaves no acoustic trace, means the sound spectrum reaches your ear at the same time.

  • This prevents sound ‘smearing’, and allows these subtle harmonics to convey the particular sonic traces that make instruments sound true to life.

Designed to live with you

Though designed for optimum performance, Hylixa exists as a purist piece of acoustic sculpture which will provide a statement for any interior now, and into the future.

  • By aiming for the absolute in performance, and without preconceptions, an innovation-led design process has resulted in HYLIXA redefining the archetypical loudspeaker.

  • Freed from manufacturing constraints, HYLIXA unlocks new level of performance and aesthetics to create a product befitting of the modern age.

Made for you in Cambridge, England.

Made in Cambridge, England.

Each pair is carefully made to order in your chosen finishes, by combining cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and time-honoured craftsmanship at the home of British Hi-Fi, in Cambridge, England.

  • Produced in a state-of-the-art facility, each speaker is fastidiously put together, with each component carefully measured and pair matched.

  • Available in a range of paint finishes and metallic options, there is a colour combination that’s right for you. Changeable feet and baffle plates mean the look can be tailored in future to suit your needs.

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