HYLIXA is Unlike Any Other Speaker.

Unsurprisingly, the way it’s made is quite unlike any other speaker. Designed, engineered and manufactured at Node’s Cambridge facility, HYLIXA is an exemplar of British Hi-Fi innovation.

Grown by Lasers.

HYLIXA’s complex cabinet geometry is only possible by harnessing a technique called ‘Selective Laser Sintering’. Each cabinet is ‘grown’ in Node’s laboratory from microscopic Glass Nylon particles, systematically fused by a computer-controlled laser, each 0.2mm layer at a time.

As a result, the entire cabinet geometry, baffle and crossover are produced as a single, unified part. With the build complete, the parts are meticulously cleaned to remove un-sintered powder, leaving the finished parts.

Profiled with precision

The sintered cabinet is then carefully jigged and turned on a computer-controlled lathe, ensuring complete concentricity to exacting tolerances. This profiling process is essential guarantee surface consistency, so that any paint reflections flow smoothly along the cabinet.

Hand finished by time honoured craftsmen

Hand finished by time honoured craftsmen

From high-technology to time-honoured craftsmanship, each cabinet and baffle assembly then undergo a manual smoothing process, painstakingly honing the surface ready for paint.

Available in different colours and finishes applied by skilled paint technicians, the lacquer option is meticulously polished ensuring a piano-level finish with absolute reflective clarity.

Precision Aluminium Machining

Precision Aluminium Machining

CnC cutting machines craft the baffle fascia and feet from solid billets of high-grade Aluminium, ensuring complete accuracy in their surface finish and fit to the speaker body.

The feet’s’ thread interface is anodised for longevity, whilst the main feet and baffle fascia are polished and electroplated with the customers metallic choice, complementing their paint finish.

Assembled by people who care

  • Made to order in the truest sense, every part is produced and assembled by people who intimately understand every element of HYLIXA, and take immense pride in their careful construction.

  • HYLIXA requires a fastidious attention to detail to ensure its unique combination of cutting-edge manufacturing and skilled craftmanship remains seamless.

Quality assured

  • Designed, engineered and manufactured exclusively at Node’s Cambridge HQ, each HYLIXA is made to exacting standards. With the components produced by Node, and from trusted local suppliers, each part is thoroughly checked against the accepted standard.

  • Every drive unit that goes into HYLIXA is thoroughly tested, logged and pair matched, ensuring complete tonal balance. The final assembled units are acoustically measured to ensure it conforms to a reference level, until it receives a final ‘real world’ music test in Node’s dedicated listening room. Nothing is left to chance.

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