Node provides a 5 year warranty on our loudspeakers in accordance with the following conditions:

The product must have been purchased directly from Node Audio Research Ltd or from an authorised Node dealer.

Every Node product leaves the factory in flawless condition. If production and/or material defects occur during normal use, we guarantee that we will repair the device in the first 5 years after the date of purchase, with free replacement of materials and parts.

The warranty expires if a repair is performed by an unauthorised individual or workshop.

If a product or a part thereof has to be sent to Node, the sender must ensure the product is safely delivered, without damage. The original packaging should be used when sending the entire device.

Node assumes no liability for the consequences of any damage.

The warranty claim expires if the serial number has been changed, removed or concealed. The warranty also expires if the device has been incorrectly connected or in the event of careless treatment. It also expires if the device is changed or repaired in any manner which, in our opinion, has changed the functionality of the device.